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Back in Business with my New Website

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Hi all. I am pleased to say that I have finally got my website up and running. The website address is Please feel free to view the site which will be updated on a regular basis. My previous website address for Elite Voyce was but this is now out of action due to me needing to upgrade my site and provider.

Wix, has made it so easy for me to create my new website with their easy to follow instructions and directions. Why not try building a website with

I was a nominee for the One Voice Awards in 2019 for best voice for animation and last year, 2020 for best newcomer Voiceover.

I am also a 3 times award winning Actress for my performance in the short film The Last Breath by Anthony Cox. I received awards for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and an Honoury Mention for Best Actress from 3 separate film festivals; The Lonely Wolf London International Film Festival, The Film Haus (Berlin) Film Festival and the Montreal International Film Festival.

I am also featured in the new American Sci-Fi Series, Foundation, streaming on Apple TV Plus, as the Synnaxian Stone Remover, Series 1, Episodes 1 and 5.

I also feature in the short film 'Sticksman', which premieres on Monday 8th November2021 at the Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel, Mile End Road, East London.

The above are just a few of the film projects I have featured in.

I am looking forward to promoting the site on social media so please can you help me to do this so that I can get myself out into the world to showcase my services as a Voiceover Artist

Actress and Animator.


Joyce Grey-Carter

voiceover Artist

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